Who’s Looking Down On You?

Stanford Ave House

My friend, Ray Lear, sent me an image of Berkeley from space and I recalled that there is a web server called www.terraserver-usa.com.  Click on the image to see an image I downloaded from the web of our house on Stanford Avenue in Kensington just North of Berkeley.  You can zoom out and see the surrounding area on this page.

Here are some other locations you might want to visit.  See if you can guess where they are.

Location Longitude (E/W) Latitude (N/S)
Bellaire -95.46322 29.71955
California -122.88421 38.47927
Brenham -96.46366 30.14890
An Observatory -110.77179 45.27747
Sixmile Creek -110.74392 45.23781
Big Mesquite -102.83257 29.40853
New Jersey -74.30104 40.70246
Houston -95.53934 29.78756
La Posada Hotel (more…) -110.69637 35.02268
Soldier Meadow Hot Springs -119.22488 41.36079
Black Rock Mystery -119.19528 40.76147
Lake Catherine & Banner Peak (more…) -119.19128 37.69640

TerraServer-USA Home

4 thoughts on “Who’s Looking Down On You?

  1. Very cool, amigo! I zoomed down into the neighborhood and though our trees obscure the house, I can make out my truck on the back driveway…Oh my god!!…Who’s that man?…It, it, it’s me!!…and…and…I appear to be waving at myself!!

  2. Aurora and I noticed that there was no car in the driveway, and then I determined that the arial shot was taken on a Friday when we would have been at work. We take BART every day to work, so I scrolled to the BART station, and sure enough, there was our car in our favorite parking spot…

  3. Well, I’m glad to know "somebody" has their eye on me…..I’ll just run outside and wave every now and then!

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