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Definition of Tinaja * : wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinaja

A tinaja (also spelled tenaja) – (pronounced /tɪˈnɑːhə/) is:

  • a large earthenware vessel, usually for storing water, or
  • it is a water pocket formed in a bedrock depression that occurs below waterfalls or is carved out by spring flow or seepage. A tinaja is often a critical source of water in the harsh, dry conditions of the American Southwest desert. (Tinaja on Wordnik)
  • I like to think of it as a gathering place where we can share our precious resources.

Chris Jefferies

With this blog I intend to share the information I’ve collected from the web and from those who also generously share their knowledge.  There is an ongoing movement called “do it yourself” (DIY) which builds upon open source software and now open source hardware standards.  This movement makes the use of technology more accessible to a broader range of interests and creativity. The ever expanding combinations and permutations of interactivity is unprecedented.

I have made a living at software development.  Starting in the early 80′s I developed my first business application, a Human Resources program, using Ashton Tate’s dBase II development environment.  Since then, I have developed progressively more sophisticated HR applications.  In 1999, as VP of Software development at Human Resource Microsystems, I oversaw the release of the multi-tiered desktop version which could access data in various databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL.  In 2003 we released the web portal version of the application (ASP.NET, C#) and today it is deployed as a SaaS application.

In March of 2009, I resigned as Director of Software Development (BPO Management Services).  In early 2010 I became interested in sensor networks and have been learning about sensors, wireless connectivity, data acquisition, data logging, charting and analysis.  I have since built numerous sensor types, and have built a hardware/ software framework upon which to hang new installations.  While the platform can sustain any kind of sensors and their subsequent analysis, my focus is on residential energy management with a goal of helping people understand their energy usage and thereby reduce the consumption and costs of energy in their homes.

I have a “day job” working for an under the radar startup and my responsibilities include development of physical product design which includes skills with CAD, 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC and Milling Machines, as well as developing relationships with hardware manufacturing companies. I also develop embedded software for stand-alone devices using micro-computers such as the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, and the Odroids. Finally, I am the developer of all our monitoring systems using Icinga and Graphite/Grafana as the core components.

My other interests include social networking, web data design, and technologies related to sustainability.  My hobbies include backpacking/camping, acoustic guitar, genealogy and archiving of family photographs.

Chris Jefferies
Tinaja Labs

*(this site has no relationship to Don Lancaster’s interesting site at www.tinaja.com known as The Guru’s Lair)