New computer systems

So I’ve been very bad about blogging lately. I apologize for that and I promise I’ll do better.

The main thing I’ve been dealing with lately is learning some new computer technologies; well, new to me. I have been primarily a Microsoft Windows person as a software designer of business applications developed with Microsoft technologies (Visual FoxPro database applications and lately ASP.NET/C# web applications) that run on Microsoft operating systems.

This new study is in the area of an alternative operating system known as Linux. Linux comes in many flavors but I am using one called Fedora; and the version is known as Fedora Core 3.

I have 2 older computers thast I have installed with Linux, one is a minimal installation of Linux and is operating as a firewall and the other has the full graphical user interface (GUI) that looks and feels much like the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The results of this can be seen on the new web server I installed on the Fedora based computer at: It explains a little about the setup I’m working with.

What’s interesting, I think, is that this setup is running on older computers, PII and earlier, that were headed for the garage (or worse) and they are running on totally free software. I’ve installed a blog, a wiki, and a database to store all the content and all are open source.

There’s no magic about this stuff, it has a pretty large large learning curve and the development environments don’t seem to be as sophisticated as those available on Windows. But it has come a long way and deserves some of my attention to keep up with this new appraoch to software development known as ‘Open Source’.

One thought on “New computer systems

  1. Hey there,
    I’ve got a couple of friends who are linux fanatics! If you ever have questions or want to talk about linux, mention my name they might do cartwheels for you.
    One teaches at Sonoma State: Zachary Wong, PhD, tel: 707-664-2828 or He’s Associate Prof of MIS and Area Coordinator(?) of Finance & MIS/POM.
    The other who might be even more into linux is Ta-Tao Chuang, PhD, teaching at UW-Spokane: Two of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Both Taiwanese. Just in case.


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