Internet Noise and Energy Scammers

I search the Internet for organizations that are focused on energy management.  Posts here on the blog reference interesting ideas and get posted on to my twitter account.  Occasionally on my twitter account, I get followers purporting to have some information about free energy.  Following these links has led to more than a handful of bogus sites, interconnected, that offer some kind of information (books, videos), for a fee, which will help you create your own cheap, or free energy.

These some of the sites I’ve found:

Here are YouTube videos (which point to of their site,s Earth4Energy):

Look at the proliferation of bogus videos on YouTube:

Doing a Google search for one of the people referenced in the sites, Michael Harvey, reveals many sites about scams but these scammers have done their homework.  In order to counter the negative sites, they’ve flooded the Internet with positive and/or neutral reviews.  Unbelievably, they’ve even got a site that looks like it might be a site about their scams,, which is actually one of their sites.

I did find a site by a guy named Peter Parsons who has done some comprehensive research on these folks:

Interestingly he also sells a book about how to slash your energy costs so you should even be skeptical of him.  His site seems legitimate and he has an interesting blog with meaningful information.  This post speaks to the issues I am talking about:

The Internet noise by these scammers is spread through what is known as affiliate marketing; not unlike Google AdSense.  You’ll also see a lot of Google ads on these sites, so they’re making a bit on click-throughs. More sites means more click-throughs.

With all of the frustration over high energy costs, solar PV being so expensive for example, it is a crying shame that folks like this flood the Internet with scams claiming to provide the answers to cheap/free energy.

Bogus twitter accounts:

Move2Green, GreenEnergy2day, AlternativeERG, homesolarpower6, NaturalEnergyHQ, makecleanenergy, WilburKilroy

Updates, as I find more: