Maker Faire 2012

Come visit us at Maker Faire!

I just got the confirmation email that I’ve been accepted to have a booth at this year’s Maker Faire.  The booth is called A Sense of Things, as it was last year, and is numbered 7443.   I hope to visit with all my sensor friends on Saturday and Sunday, May 19th, 20th.

I’ll be showing our latest development on a low cost wireless sensor network designed for the “everyman” or “everywoman” who wants to track things in and around their homes.  Please stop by for a visit.

To sign up for the maker Faire:


SolarChill – a solar PV refrigerator without battery

Solar Chill

Solar Chill

This is a refrigeration unit made primarily for storing vaccines in 3rd world countries where it is difficult to find refrigeration units to keep the vaccines chilled.

SolarChill still costs about $1500 but it is expected that the price will drop as the technology advances.

It works by generating ice in the daytime while solar is available and then using the ice for cooling at night.  This means you don’t need a battery to store energy.

It can also run off of other energy sources such as wind or from energy off of the grid.

Can’t wait until we can all have these.

The patent has been made public.  Here is a document describing how it works.

Dafur Stove

Small Darfur Stove

I love this kind of appropriate technology.  It is a wood burning stove that uses aout 1/4 of the wood that the usual “3 stone” fires traditionally use.

They cost about $20 in order to insure they have “value” over scrap metal.

You can read about it here: