Who owns your thermostat?

Once the smart meters have replaced your old analog power meters the next step is access to the appliances in your house allowing your power provider to control when you use those appliances.

Interesting to think about….

Here’s an interesting post on Home Energy:

2 thoughts on “Who owns your thermostat?

  1. I think that, for those of us who are concerned about our privacy, we might want to install a filter on the main line coming into our properties. The filter would only allow 60Hz, maybe 120Hz or whatever frequency is required for standard AC.

    That way we filter out any IP traffic, or powerline module traffic, that might be travelling over our house power wiring; in or out, and which might be tracked by the “powers” that be.

    I use X10 modules, there are devices that allow people to use the house power wiring to transmit IP service throughout the house.

    Filter required!

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