Computerized Electricity Systems

Computerized Electricity Systems has a software/hardware home energy solution that tracks energy usage in a residential setting.  They offer a replacement electrical panel that allows for monitoring of energy usage within the various breakout lines of the house wiring.  They also provide a software tool, a portal, for displaying the energy being used.

System prices range from $600-$3000 depending on the options.

Residential Diagram

C.E.S. System


Tenrehte's PICOwatt

Announced at CES 2010, this is a wifi enabled device that sits between a house appliance and the wall socket.  It has a small linux based OS and web site so you can access each device via a web interface.

It can monitor the energy use as well as control the device so it does a lot.  Sadly, it it said to cost about $80 each.

TOO Expensive. Seems like a low tech Kill-a-Watt ($20) and a spreadsheet would still be more efficient.

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