Got my GUID workin’

Here’s my GUID.  I have decided that this number will be MY GUID from here on.

In case you don’t know, a GUID is a Global Unique ID.  We use it for unique identification in progamming data applications.  Whenever you need a unique ID there is a function that you can call that genertates this random number, that supposedly won’t come up again for 700 years.  It isn’t perfect, but it is pretty unique.

Google definitions for GUID – WikiPedia definition of GUID

In the future, I suspect we’ll all have some kind of unique ID and I figure I’ll get mine early.


Read it and weep!


2 thoughts on “Got my GUID workin’

  1. no
    . . . goddamn idiocy

    get it tude on yer wrist or ass or forehead to remember it
    (on the latter two do a mirror image for quick access)

  2. in a few years people will see your ID and think "wow, you must have been one of the first to get an ID, it’s only got numbers and letters in it!"

    like my email address from 1995 –

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