Laptop is fixed


I’m too sexy for my hat – what do you think about that 

 Follow-up from prior post about broken computer: The new hinge parts (part # 5D904 hinge kit) arrived today from Dell (ordered on Friday), and so for a total of $17.36 I’m back in business…



A9 Search

A9 Beta

Looks like a combination of and Google search engine.  It has a neat interface with collapsible columns on the right and a site info popup (probably based on javascript).


My computer broke…

This morning I went to close the top of my Laptop and the left hinge got stuck and broke.  ARGHHHH!

I think I can get another and fix it, but I’m freaking out…


This poor old (in computer years) Inspiron 7500 (P4-700Mhz w/ 512Mb RAM and a 20 mb HD) has served me very well for almost 4 years now and is starting to show it’s age.