Concrete casts new light in dull rooms

Light-transmitting concrete Letting the light in

Light transmitting concrete is set to go on sale later this year.

The days of dull, grey concrete could be about to end. A Hungarian architect has combined the world’s most popular building material with optical fiber from Schott to create a new type of concrete that transmits light.  Read more…


4 thoughts on “Concrete casts new light in dull rooms

  1. No way, I’m not being sarcastic at all…I really do think its incredible. I would love to have that in my house although I suspect it would be pretty expensive and I’m betting you couldn’t paint it or anything. The neighborhood might not like the look. I would love to put it on my back wall or an interior wall. It could really be beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing what some architects and designers do with it once they can get their hands on it. Or how about a dining table with some underlights? Really how do you find out about this stuff anyway??
    Love you! me

  2. wow, really cool. I could see it used in applications where you want light and mass, e.g. solar gain on south facing facades. It could also make a nifty Trombe wall or garden wall. Depending on how will it diffuses light, museums and galleries may use it.

    I think the table idea is really good. Imagine an above ground pool as well.

    It seems like it shows shadows of objects outside during the day, and shadows on objects inside at night, so privacy could be a problem in some residential projects. All though, some might be into that…

    Oh, and concrete is not dull (despite the article’s statement)! embrace the concrete because it can be beautiful. not too many contractors have the skills anymore to do it well, but it can be really beautiful. Kahn’s Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA is a good example of really beautiful concrete.

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