Nova Spivack: The Future of the Web

originally from Creative Chaos – Dina Mehta’s Blog

Nova Spinack’s vision of the future of Social Networking Software:

Content : Lifelogs” & Personal Portals – All information about a person and their experiences is automatically logged for their personal use. Semantic routing of content delivers relevant information to interested parties automatically – everyone gets their own portal.

Communication : Universal Communications –Persistent identity and relationship management across all devices, software, and networks enables seamlessly integrated synchronous and asynchronous communications.

Collaboration : Group Minds – Anyone can know what everyone knows; everyone can know what anyone knows. New levels of collective intelligence are enabled by fusion of Semantic Web with distributed agents and knowledge management tools.

Community : Emergent Communities – Communities spontaneously emerge and self-organize around memes (hot topics). Communities are decentralized; no longer “hosted” in any single location or controlled by any single service provider

Commerce : Intelligent Marketplaces – Intelligent commerce agents interact semi-autonomously in a decentralized global marketplace. Self-optimizing trading networks

In the second article, he ties this evolution into implications for the Metaweb, along a matrix of degrees of information connectivity and social connectivity. 

“The Metaweb is emerging from the convergence of the Web, Social Software and the Semantic Web.”

A larger image can be viewed here.

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