What can I do with one of these?

  • PLED (Polymer Organic Light Emitting Diode) / OLED (Organic LED) Display Module
  • Ideal for LCD module or VFD replacement applications
  • Industry Standard dimensions:
    • 113mm x 41.4mm PCB Outline
    • 79mm x 17mm Viewing Area
    • 73.45mm x 11.4mm Active Area
    • 5.5mm Character Height
  • Very wide viewing angles — approaches 180 degrees in all directions
  • 8-bit or 4-bit parallel interface
  • Industry-standard HD44780 compatible controller
  • Printable 1:1 Acrobat template: CFAP2002AYJCV_one_to_one.pdf
  • about $25.00 each
Serial Support Demo
Author Kit George
Languages CSharp
This demo highlights the new serialport support available in Whidbey. In order to actually use this application, you will need the device (available from Crystal Fontz, the small, serial displays with the keypads). But even without the device, you can look at the code to see how straightforward it is to set up communication with a serial device, using the new SerialPort class.

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