Problems w/ Macs – 2

The continuing issues with using Mac IE with the blog.

I was referred to a web page describing how to manage differnces between CSS usage on IE between Macs and Windows:

Here’s what I found at Glenn’s place with Macs aplenty:

IE 5.2 did not help.

I added Safari to one of the machines, and it seemed to display the site OK. However, once I started to add a new post, specifically when I went to add character to the ‘Post Title’ field, it choked and immediately terminated the Safari Browser. Also, the rich text editor was not available but I kind of expected that.

What I observed with the IE browsers on the Mac was that I could get to the blog root page OK; the aggregation page. But when I went to a specific blog page the browser just seemed to take forever to load the page. If I aborted the load (clicked on the stop button), I noticed that the side bar (the links, login, etc) was rendered but that the blog contents had not loaded.

What is it that the blog is doing at that point that the Mac IE browser is choking?

I’m using standard “blue” skin on this blog.

To test the possibility of a CSS problem, perhaps I could create a new skin (MAC) and clear the CSS settings out of the style.css file?

Any additional clues?

One thought on “Problems w/ Macs – 2

  1. Don’t know if you got my message last week, but I’ve gotten good results using the Mozilla browser(1.4 for Mac). All blog pages load just fine with Mozilla browser

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